Olivia Ndalo, Port Reitz Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya``IQCare is efficient, user friendly and easy to learn and use. For example, tracing patients in the system and quality and producing timely reports is easy to do.’’

Olivia Ndalo, Port Reitz Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya
“IQCare is efficient, user friendly and easy to learn and use. For example, tracing patients in the system and quality and producing timely reports is easy to do.”

IQCare – International Quality Care – is an open-source, browser-based, electronic medical record specifically designed for low resource settings. IQCare is freely available under the Creative Commons license and can be downloaded on this site or from CodePlex an Open-source public repository. IQCare captures quality data and provides decision support information for clinicians, pharmacists and laboratory technicians as well as program managers. In tandem with IQTools, a report query tool, IQCare is the foundation for an efficient and effective day-to-day patient management monitoring and evaluation program.

Deployed in over 150 locations in Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria, the application has a proven track record of success for flexible form building tools, capturing quality data and providing patient and facility level dashboards. The product’s comprehensive form builder, designed with specific healthcare features, has changed the nature of the product, allowing clinicians and program administrators to very quickly collect and report on any data elements they need.

The key to accurate reporting is collecting the right data and clean data. IQCare embeds best practices for data collection and reporting right in the application. Each field can be configured with rules that become active based on the patient’s age, gender and type of health care area. As clinicians enter data for their specialty, these configuration rules guide the clinician to enter clean and accurate data. Patient data is easily visible in home pages helping clinicians make decisions during a patient visit.

IQCare also provides a wide variety of features for pharmaceutical dispensing and supply chain management. The tool can be configured to manage and dispense any kind of item including drugs, consumables, lab reagents, office supplies and any other definable product. The dispensing tool is tailored to the needs of the pharmacist so that only drugs in stock and that have not expired can be dispensed. Pharmacist can see all pertinent patient clinical information so that prescriptions made by the clinician may be cross checked by the pharmacist.

IQCare can be implemented in a single stand-alone configuration for smaller sites and in a networked configuration with multiple simultaneous data entrants for higher volume sites. The product may be set up for a paper-based data flow with data entry clerks or a paperless e-clinic where clinicians, pharmacists and lab technicians enter date directly into the system.

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